What the Oxford English Dictionary Doesn’t Tell You About Maharaja Express Train


If the Maharaja Express Train is not on one’s travel list then they should consider adding it. Being the world’s leading Luxury train, it is surely a lifetime opportunity to travel through this Luxury train. Seeing India’s heritage through this train is a memory to remember. It provides such a royal treatment that one sleeps in one city but wake up in a completely different place

The Maharaja Express gifts the traveller an opportunity to enjoy the landscapes as the train flies by them. The scenic beauty is always heart melting sceneries.

Let’s explore the things one can do while travelling through Maharaja on Wheels

  1. Ultimate travel experience

The Hunt for an ultimate travel experience ends here. Amongst so many luxurious trains, the Maharaja Express Train Tour provides a memorable experience. Best suited for a honeymoon vacation, where one can spend both quantity and quality time with the spouse. While travelling alone it gives a lifetime cherishable and memorable trip. When travelling, the thrill of travelling through this elegant train is itself mesmerizing of its own.

  1. Private Butler’s service

In earlier days the Maharaja and Rani’s had too many servants, who used to take care of all their needs. Unlike a cruise ship where a Stewart has to attend so many cabins all the time, here, one is provided with the service of a butler. The butler exclusively serves not more than 3 cabins in total. He will get the entire requirements as he is committed to serving as a personalized wake-up the messenger, brings tea or coffee and even breakfast in bed.

  1. Doctor on board 

When travelling there is no guaranteeing that a person cannot get sick. The Maharaja Train Tour India provides with an additional benefit of a doctor that is available 24/7 on calls. This means that if anything adverse happens then the doctor would be at the side of the passenger immediately. The doctor is equipped with all the injections, medicine, and general health care unit that will cure a person or make him feel better en-route.

  1. Customized Price tag 

The Maharaja express train is not out only an ultimate luxury travelling experience but it’s also very costly. However, there is an option to customize the best fair that suits one’s budget. If one is looking to experience this train then one does need to drop too much money as when he can customize the fare according to the budget.