Diwali aka The Festival of Lights

Pronounced: Dee-pa-wali (aka Necklace of lamps) Festivals are sources for bringing joy and cheer in our lives through celebrations. Diwali aka the Festival of Lights is celebrated to honor Lord Rama-chandra, the seventh avatar (incarnation of the god Vishnu). It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his… Continue Reading

New UDAY Express rolls out soon!

New UDAY Express train to be rolled out soon! Aiming to provide better travel comfort to business travellers, Indian Railways is all set to roll out a new UDAY Express or the Utkrisht Double-Decker Air-conditioned Yatri Express train in February. The new all air-conditioned double-decker chair car train is being… Continue Reading

Maharaja Express Luxury Train – Live like a Maharaja

The Maharaja Express is so luxurious that World Travel Awards has voted this train "The World's Leading Luxury Train" five times in a row for the year 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. It is also one of the most expansive Trains of the World. Operational since 2010 by… Continue Reading

Palace on Wheels – A Journey in Luxury Wonder

Rajasthan Tourism development Corporation in collaboration with Indian Railways started Palace on Wheels on 26 January 1982. The train got this name due to the royal heritage cabins which were once the personal carriages of Indian Maharajas and Viceroy of British India. Palace on Wheels is one of the ten… Continue Reading

Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

A very special religious Luxury train run by Indian Railways covers the popular pilgrimage places of Buddhist Circuit - places associated with the journey and life of Lord Gautam Buddha. The coming of Buddha and subsequent unfolding of his values and path envisaged by him led to formation of Great… Continue Reading

8 Days Living Extravagantly On A Royal The Deccan Odyssey Train

The Deccan Odyssey is a luxury train operated by Indian Railways to boost tourism western Indian state of Maharashtra. It is a venture of Government of India Maharashtra and the Ministry of Railways, The luxury trains in India Deccan Odyssey explores exotic locales & timeless traditions The Deccan Odyssey train… Continue Reading

Duronto Express

Duronto Express is a category of long-distance non-stop source to destination trains run by the Indian Railways. Earlier the trains were meant to have no ticketing stops between the origin and destination, but since January it is possible to book tickets from those technical stops. "Duronto" means "Non-stop" in Bangla.… Continue Reading

The Divine experience of the Celestial Shrine – “Badrinath” Abode of Hindu God “Lord Vishnu”

I planned with my family members to visit BADRINATH temple, Which is Approx 520 Km from Delhi. We started our journey from Subhash Nagar, West Delhi at 5 am on 26 May 2019 (Sunday). Enroute we halted at Grand Cheetal Restaurant for Breakfast and reached Haridwar to take dip in… Continue Reading

Regal Interior of The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels

Why alluring travelers Want to experience it? Its royalty, lavishness, and exotic itinerary making travelers be a part of the The Luxury Trains of India - Palace on Wheels.The facilities provided in The Luxury Trains of India - Palace on Wheels is an extravaganza. Everything available on the board makes… Continue Reading

Fantasy Luxury Trains

Fantasy Luxury Trains, Reserve with us, Experience The Luxury Trains of India - Palace on Wheels Train Traveling in first The Luxury Trains of India - Palace on Wheels is an dream for many people due to its regal ambience and luxurious setup, embellished with legacy of Heritage, most of… Continue Reading