Duronto Express

Duronto Express is a category of long-distance non-stop source to destination trains run by the Indian Railways. Earlier the trains were meant to have no ticketing stops between the origin and destination, but since January it is possible to book tickets from those technical stops. “Duronto” means “Non-stop” in Bangla. The trains’ coaches have characteristic yellow-green colourrepresnting fields full f flowers which signifies life full of bliss The Duronto trains are connect several metros and major state capital of India.

The first non-stop Duronto Express trains were introduced in 2009–10 as a first step towards high-speed rail travel in India. The first Duronto ran between Sealdah (Near Kolkata) and New Delhi.

There are five different classes of accommodation–Aircond First Class, Aircond Two-tier., Aircond Three-tier, Economy Three-tier Aircond. and Non-Aircond. Sleeper Class. The Duronto coaches are painted with splashes of colors and are 24 meters long as compared to the regular coach length of 22.3 meters.

The new Duronto express coaches are made of LHB coaches, which ensures fewer jerks even at higher speeds. The trains have various other superior features like control discharge toilet system, improved and superior thermal and sound insulation to protect you from noise from outside.

The passenger services include a pantry car providing hot cooked meals.

State Terminal stations Train Name Train Number Distance Average Speed Approx. Time
Delhi- Kolkata New Delhi – Howrah Jn. Duronto Express 12274/12273 1530 kms. 70 kms. /hr ( 43 mph.) 21 Hour, 45 Min
Delhi- Karnatka Delhi S. Rohilla- Yeshwantpur Jn. Duronto Express 12213/12214 2374 kms. 75 kms. /hr (47 mph.) 31 Hour, 20 Min
Maharashtra-West Bengal Pune- Howrah Howrah Duronto 12221/12222 2020 kms. 67 kms/hr (42 mph.) 28 Hour, 35 Min
Maharashtra-Rajasthan Mumbai Central- Jaipur Jaipur Duronto 12239/12240 1159 kms. 72 kms/ hr (45 mph.) 15 Hour, 20 Min

I planned with my family members to visit BADRINATH temple, Which is Approx 520 Km from Delhi. We started our journey from Subhash Nagar, West Delhi at 5 am on 26 May 2019 (Sunday). Enroute we halted at Grand Cheetal Restaurant for Breakfast and reached Haridwar to take dip in Holy river Ganges.

All Winter Clothes, Medicines were kept presuming to encounter the cold due to Ice Hills weather at Badrinath. After taking some rest we started our onward journey at early morning 2 am on 27th May 2019 from Haridwar to the Shrine of Badrinath.

Badrinath is 320 Km from Haridwar with route starting Haridwar- Rishkesh- Shiv Puri – Siraso – Nand – Byasi – Kaudiyal – Bachedikhal- Teen Dhara – Pipal Koti – Dev Prayag – Srinagar – Rudraprayag – Karanprayag – Nandaprayag – Maithna – Chamoli – Pipalkoti – Joshimath- Govind ghat- Hanuman Chatti – Badrinath

Breakfast – Snack – lunch in street shops is easily available on the way. With sharp turns during road travel whole valley was surrounded with majestic mountains, forest having various types of trees and river Alaknanada was continuously flowing with the roadside while travelling thru Car. We crossed many bridges, on the way many ice frozen water falls were there and Hills were covered with snow & then we reached Badrinath at 7 pm in the evening after 16 hour journey ex Delhi

Hotel was pre-booked by our Travel Agent Perfect Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, we checked In and after keeping our luggage and changing clothes we immediately went to Tapan Kund for holy bath with warm water after which stood in long queue for Darshan of Lord Vishnu Badrinath and our turn came after 1 hour inside the main temple when we offered our prayers to the Deity of Lord Vishnu and other god’s of the sacred powerful Temple. Awesome pleasure as we felt truly Blessed and happy with Darshan of Lord Vishnu Badri Narayan Deity.

Later we had dinner in nearby Market and went to our hotel room to rest, Early morning at 4 am on 28th May 2019 we started our return journey from Badrinath shrine to reach Haridwar in the evening by 9 pm.

Then we enjoyed 29th and 30th May 2019 in Haridwar and also did some Yoga & Meditation in Rishikesh Ashram before reaching back to our Home in Delhi on 31st May 2019 Evening

The whole guidance and information we got for Badrinath Temple Tour from Perfect Travels & Tour Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, was indeed very valuable. Our family much appreciated the professional planning & Guidance of their Travel Design department.

Jai Badri Narayan Bhagwan ki

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Its royalty, lavishness, and exotic itinerary making travelers be a part of the The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels.The facilities provided in The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels is an extravaganza. Everything available on the board makes everyone surprise, are they travelling on a train or not?. It means What you enjoy at your home you can expect it on the train.

Its exotic itinerary. The train covers the tourist gems of Rajasthan land. The 7 nights 8 days itinerary of The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels covers Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur, and Agra. Each destination sparks different tourist attractions. Overall travelers can experience the all variations of Indian tourism with Agra’s Taj Mahal, beautiful Bharatpur Sanctuary, wildlife safari rides in Sawai Madhopur, and more.

After getting known all these things, everyone, loves to enjoy the Travel with the The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels. Really, we have to Fantasy for it, Reserve it, and experience it.

Destinations Covered by The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels

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Imagine the Travel with The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels. Just think how it will be from your welcoming ceremony at the station to the last day of your Travel with The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels train. Fantasy, how you spend time on the board amid grandiosity and luxuriousness. Fantasy the tourist attractions you are going to experience in Rajasthan. Continue in dreaming for it until your time comes to achieve it. Wait for the moment. When your chance comes, grab the opportunity to travel with The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels.

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When your Fantasy comes in true. Don’t hesitate to book for it. It’s a just thing of 5 minutes time at your fingertips to book. Donot forget to book it at the right time. Because at right time only you can fulfill your Travel. So, choose the best season for your Travel. Here is small advice which is the best season to book.

The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels runs in two seasons. Peak Season falls in between months of October to March and Lean Season from April to September. During Peak Season you can enjoy the best Travel because it is favorable for tourism but Lean Season is a little bit harsh. The thing is also to remind is Peak Season is costlier than Lean Season. So, after based on all these you can choose the best of your choice. Any season it may be the treat of The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels is always the same alike.

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After Fantasying and booking it, the one and only the thing remains is to experience it. Experience the rich feeling with The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels Travel from embarking to disembarking. The feel you get when you first step after getting a red carpet welcome in The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels is just speechless with its grandeur looks. Then, experience your lovely cabin with the world-class equipment and regal decors. Later, get stunned with the regal interiors of the train adorned with mind-blowing architectural works and decorations.

Enjoy the best facilities on the train at your cabin doorstep. Whatever you order it will be there before you in a few minutes. So feel like as if you’re a King or Queen in the Palace. After it, experience the two grand restaurants of the train with the delicious cuisines. Every day a different cuisine will make you feel awesome.

Maharani Restaurant – The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels

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Later, just chill at the bar and spa of The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels which are the best places to get out of stress. And then, spend your leisure time at the lounge of the train with a mini-library and T.V for entertainment. At last, experience the fantastic tourist attractions of Rajasthan in the span of 7 days.

The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels Lounge

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After experiencing all these things, you have also to experience the sadness of leaving The Luxury Trains of India – Palace on Wheels with a number of sweet memories.

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In order to quench the thirst for the bygone era that provides one with a contemporary fineness of an appealing luxurious lifestyle and seamless romantic journey Luxury Train Journeys in India welcome the guests. One could come on board to find the pleasure by and witness the vast Indian heritage.

Indian rail service has undergone an outstanding makeover by providing super fast express trains to most Luxury tourist Trains in India. Let’s explore into the chasm of these travel that can take one into the kingdom of Maharajas

  1. Deccan Odyssey- this royal blue train makes a person feel like a climbing a noble chariot. It provides a service that is equivalent to a premium five-star hotel. The designs, opulent cabins, and awestruck grandeur will continue to mesmerize the travelers, during their journey. This train starts from Mumbai and travels up to Delhi that reflects the life of the Maharaja in the 16th century.
  1. The Maharaja Express – There is hardly any Indian who is unaware of the world’s leading Luxury train, the Maharaja Express. This is one of the finest Luxury Trains in India that has been winning the award for many years. It gives one an opportunity to explore India’s Heritage.
  1. The Golden Chariot- Luxury Train Tour India has much to offer when it comes to The Golden Chariot. This train travels into a number of world heritage sites. With elegant designs of the elegant Mysore culture; this train is filled with numerous facilities. It totally gives one the feel of walking like a king or queen for the moment.
  1. Royal Rajasthan on wheels- The pleasure of the Luxury Train Journeys receives the touch of Rajaputana culture when it comes to this royal train. The Rajputs are known for their valor and hospitality. This train showers hospitality that one expects from the Rajput culture. The Royal Rajasthan on wheels is a rich heritage by the Rajasthan government that welcomes the guest on the Grand musical carpet.
  2. Palace on Wheels- It is one of the oldest and the original Luxury Trains in India. The train was once a transport only for the Nizams of Hyderabad, the prince, and princess of Rajputs, Gujarat, and the other members of the royal family. Now, this luxury is available to those who want to be part of this royal travel. As the name suggests it is all about warmness and hospitality, with interiors which gives one a glimpse of Rajasthan’s glorious history.