Well, there is a simple answer – no one else knows the luxury rail journeys better than us. With a comprehensive experience, dealing exclusively in luxury and heritage rail journeys, our value proposition is simply unmatched in the industry. Personalized services, 24×7 customer support, readily available information and updates, unbeatable deals, price guarantee, authentic booking confirmation, and excellent flexibility are just some of the reasons to choose LTI. And to top it all, a professional and caring attitude to serve you like a king!

We are committed to foreign travel as a means of enriching one’s knowledge and understanding of the world around us. There is simply no substitute for travel to broaden our view, enrich our culture and stimulate our mind. We understand this at LTI & make this all possible on our tours. Join us, let us make it happen for you.

Longevity & Reputation

We’ve enjoyed the finest reputation in the travel industry for many years. Our clients know us and like us so well that each year over half our passengers are people who have travelled with us before. These satisfied travellers are the basis of our reputation. We are pleased to welcome them back and work hard to keep their respect.

We are also proud of the long-term relationship we enjoy with the numerous companies and hotels with which we do business. Our clients are always accorded a warm and enthusiastic reception.

Personalized Touch

At LTI all your questions are answered. We have an experienced and dedicated team of professionals looking after all the Inbound Tours, once you put yourself in our hands you can sit back and relax while the magic of India unfolds before your eyes, the whole operation goes spot-on.

There are 6 Key Functions:


Planning is a positive force for organizational goal attainment. Effectively done, planning contributes to the performance of other functions. Ideally, when planning an Indian holiday for your clients, you ask our expert opinion.

Good Value for Money

Our prices are competitive due to the fact that our system is designed to replace excessive travel costs with professional, personalized quality.


Our most experienced personnel have always acted above and beyond the call of duty in serving clients, the high standard of service and our attention to detail precisely the components which generate additional and profitable sales.


Communication plays a major role in determining how effectively people work together to achieve objectives. Therefore, we invite you to test us. We are committed for replies within 24 hours.

Booking & Accounting Procedures

We will provide the easiest possible system for bookings and accounting procedures. There will be a single reservation centre to handle booking, billing and settlement.

Your Importance

We protect your identity and all reservations are effected in your name.

If you are planning to travel independently, we can take care of all your requirements and plan the best itinerary and when you book with us you have the reassurance of being able to contact all our associate offices also within India for advice or assistance at any time.