Tips About Palace On Wheels In India From Industry Experts

Travelling through Palace on Wheels Train in India is an elegant tour to a bygone era. This is a moving palace that crisscrosses its path through the land of the rulers of Rajasthan. One can get the utmost luxury and care. The royal treatment here in this train is no less than that of a kingdom.

This train takes one into the discovery of vibrant culture, colour and epic beauty of Rajasthan. On a journey like, no other, as one travels through Palace on Wheels India one uncovers more and more about the heritage of a Rajasthani life

Among top 10 Luxury Train Journeys in the world, Palace on Wheels Trains India is considered to be one of them.  It is a 7-day trip that offers a heart-rending experience into the elegant forts and palaces in Rajasthan.

There was a time when the rulers of Rajasthan, nizams from Hyderabad, Kings of Gujarat and the viceroy used to travel in these trains. This train takes one back in time. Palace on Wheels Rajasthan is all about thrilling and luxurious travelling; a feeling that makes royalty feels like magic. The charm and electrifying mysticism in the air is self-sufficient for a person to have a King/queen like feeling.

This train has 39 deluxe cabins and two super deluxe cabins for the passengers where the total capacity is of 82 passengers. There are two bar cum restaurants and one spa completely Ayurvedic, in nature, in this luxurious train. Complimentary Wi-Fi is made available through sharing dongles. The train is centrally air-conditioned in which smoking is prohibited. Laundry services are also available that is limited to certain days.

The train and the journey both are quite memorable. Here, one gets fantastic services from the crew in the carriage where one gets a personalized service. The breakfast is served at the best, in the bed. The visit to various places and knowledge of the heritage and culture of Rajasthan is also mesmerizing.

While travelling through this train, one gets an option to go through many souvenir shops from where one can anticipate some shopping of ancient items that cannot be found anywhere else. These items include carpet, marbles and ancient relics that displays the beauty and culture of this land.