Check Out This Genius Luxury Train Journeys in India Plan

In order to quench the thirst for the bygone era that provides one with a contemporary fineness of an appealing luxurious lifestyle and seamless romantic journey Luxury Train Journeys in India welcome the guests. One could come on board to find the pleasure by and witness the vast Indian heritage.

Indian rail service has undergone an outstanding makeover by providing super fast express trains to most Luxury tourist Trains in India. Let’s explore into the chasm of these travel that can take one into the kingdom of Maharajas

  1. Deccan Odyssey- this royal blue train makes a person feel like a climbing a noble chariot. It provides a service that is equivalent to a premium five-star hotel. The designs, opulent cabins, and awestruck grandeur will continue to mesmerize the travelers, during their journey. This train starts from Mumbai and travels up to Delhi that reflects the life of the Maharaja in the 16th century.
  1. The Maharaja Express – There is hardly any Indian who is unaware of the world’s leading Luxury train, the Maharaja Express. This is one of the finest Luxury Trains in India that has been winning the award for many years. It gives one an opportunity to explore India’s Heritage.
  1. The Golden Chariot- Luxury Train Tour India has much to offer when it comes to The Golden Chariot. This train travels into a number of world heritage sites. With elegant designs of the elegant Mysore culture; this train is filled with numerous facilities. It totally gives one the feel of walking like a king or queen for the moment.
  1. Royal Rajasthan on wheels- The pleasure of the Luxury Train Journeys receives the touch of Rajaputana culture when it comes to this royal train. The Rajputs are known for their valor and hospitality. This train showers hospitality that one expects from the Rajput culture. The Royal Rajasthan on wheels is a rich heritage by the Rajasthan government that welcomes the guest on the Grand musical carpet.
  2. Palace on Wheels- It is one of the oldest and the original Luxury Trains in India. The train was once a transport only for the Nizams of Hyderabad, the prince, and princess of Rajputs, Gujarat, and the other members of the royal family. Now, this luxury is available to those who want to be part of this royal travel. As the name suggests it is all about warmness and hospitality, with interiors which gives one a glimpse of Rajasthan’s glorious history.