Expensive, luxurious and interesting journey across destinations in India

There are many forms of transport available in India. Amongst, the railways turn out to be the easiest, as well economical way of transport for people to commute to different places. In India, railways is the best transport considered by people. In fact, to the surprise, there is also expensive trains keep running. One among such is the Maharaja Express India. It is owned and operated by IRCTC. This is the luxurious and also the expensive train running in the world. It started its operations from 2010, 8 years ago, still it is voted as the Luxurious Leading Train of the World in 6 times, continuously from 2012 to 2017.

Came into light by 2010

This train runs across various destinations particularly in North West and Central India, and travels 12 destinations, mainly it is centered on the state of Rajasthan during April and October. This train received the 1st runner up award in the consideration of Specialist Train Operators Category, by 2011. The IRCTC came into a joint venture with Cox and Kings India Ltd to oversee the operations and management of the Maharajas, but it finally got terminated and is now exclusively controlled and monitored by IRCTC only.

Amenities available

The train has got all kind of amenities such as bar, lounge, accommodation, dining area, etc. in fact the train has the water filtration plant too. At a time, there can be 42 guests can be accommodated in the dining area. The food served would be traditional cuisines. The train has a lounge specially known as Rajah Club which has a private bar, two dining car and also a dedicated kind of bar car. Accommodation is available in 14 guest carriages that has a passenger capacity of 84. The restaurants are named as Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal, out of which Mayur Mahal is famous because of the peacock feather kept as the theme and décor of that restaurant. Cuisines are all traditional and it has yummy ad delicious taste specially made for the guests in train.

Accommodation has deluxe cabins, suites, etc. Presidential suite is also there. In 2012, it introduced itineraries, which were 5 in numbers. The Heritage of India, Treasures of India, Gems of India, Indian Panorama and finally the Indian Splendor. All these 5 were newly introduced ones, which have got a warm welcome amongst people.