Duronto Express

Duronto Express is a category of long-distance non-stop source to destination trains run by the Indian Railways. Earlier the trains were meant to have no ticketing stops between the origin and destination, but since January it is possible to book tickets from those technical stops. “Duronto” means “Non-stop” in Bangla. The trains’ coaches have characteristic yellow-green colourrepresnting fields full f flowers which signifies life full of bliss The Duronto trains are connect several metros and major state capital of India.

The first non-stop Duronto Express trains were introduced in 2009–10 as a first step towards high-speed rail travel in India. The first Duronto ran between Sealdah (Near Kolkata) and New Delhi.

There are five different classes of accommodation–Aircond First Class, Aircond Two-tier., Aircond Three-tier, Economy Three-tier Aircond. and Non-Aircond. Sleeper Class. The Duronto coaches are painted with splashes of colors and are 24 meters long as compared to the regular coach length of 22.3 meters.

The new Duronto express coaches are made of LHB coaches, which ensures fewer jerks even at higher speeds. The trains have various other superior features like control discharge toilet system, improved and superior thermal and sound insulation to protect you from noise from outside.

The passenger services include a pantry car providing hot cooked meals.

State Terminal stations Train Name Train Number Distance Average Speed Approx. Time
Delhi- Kolkata New Delhi – Howrah Jn. Duronto Express 12274/12273 1530 kms. 70 kms. /hr ( 43 mph.) 21 Hour, 45 Min
Delhi- Karnatka Delhi S. Rohilla- Yeshwantpur Jn. Duronto Express 12213/12214 2374 kms. 75 kms. /hr (47 mph.) 31 Hour, 20 Min
Maharashtra-West Bengal Pune- Howrah Howrah Duronto 12221/12222 2020 kms. 67 kms/hr (42 mph.) 28 Hour, 35 Min
Maharashtra-Rajasthan Mumbai Central- Jaipur Jaipur Duronto 12239/12240 1159 kms. 72 kms/ hr (45 mph.) 15 Hour, 20 Min