Incredible Indian Train Journey By “Palace on wheels”

Rajasthan is the incredible states of India, where you enjoy your journey with luxury trains Heritage Palace on wheels, the desert you feel the golden sand and city tour with experience the glory of pink city Jaipur. It is the journey for special people in the special luxury train in special greeting. Palace on wheels train is very special for tourist of India and Foreigners.

Where the tourist gets equally attention, enjoy the royal treatment equally. It welcomes you to put tilak and turban on forehead.

Palace on wheels India tour is for a week or seven nights and eight days that covers many cities of incredible Rajasthan and journey begins from New Delhi at Safdarganj Railway Station. It covering the itinerary of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan as follow:  New Delhi – Jaipur – Sawai Madhopur – Chittorgarh –Udaipur – Jaisalmer – Jodhpur – Baharatpur – Agra – Delhi.In this luxury train palace on wheels traveler enjoy the deluxe and royal time ever. Also give various services like

  • English speaking guides all time on board or in local market as well.
  • Fully furnished deluxe suit and cabin with attach bathroom along with hot water supply continuously, as the tour is enjoying in the winter.


Palace on wheels luxury train tour serves the various facilities like high speed internet, air conditioning room, cabin hot blower to maintain cabin temperature, hot water continuously.

  • While entering into the train the attendant greet tourist with garland and welcome drinks along with PADHARO MHARE DES!
  • Offers you the different type of cuisine like Indian, western and continental.
  • Also provide the Rajasthani Traditional food “Baati choorma along with full glass of lassi or butter milk.”
  • Entire train is fully decor with antique and royal furniture like Raj Mahal where the king and queens reside.

There is more interesting adventuress while travel by the Palace on wheels likes you feeling the golden sand in Thar Desert Jaisalmer with camel ride, a peaceful sunset followed by bonfire.

  • Also enjoying the night light show along with puppets show of king and queen that narrates the Rajput tales.
  • In the local market of Rajasthan you can take experience of various price and buy souvenir of Rajasthan. The main souvenir of Rajasthan is puppets couple and wall hanging decor. Many tourists attract with the beauty of Rajasthan and their handmade crafts, furniture and antiques.
  • Finally you can relax your body by special spa treatment that soothes you completely


What more people would require these days more than a vacation? People don’t need more than the timing; it’s the one where a family can unite. When families unite, nothing more is needed in the life. It can make people feel energetic and also make them enthusiastic as they can visit many places and can explore areas and new destinations. It can help families to find time together. That is the most important thing which families or individuals would look for.

The palace on wheels is a luxury train that is concentrated on tourism. This option was launched by the railways department, in collaboration with Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation mainly to promote on the tourism part of Rajasthan.  Indian railways have done it for the sake of people to explore areas in Rajasthan.

Commencement of service-

This train service was commenced by 2009 in the month of August, whereas it was started by the year 1982, around 36 years ago. Now that it was totally a new one launched with different types of itinerary and cuisines which people like the most. The decor is seriously amazing.

This train was voted to be the most luxurious train in this world, by the year 2010. This concept had its initial stage and was derived from royal background of the coaches. These were to be the personal rail coaches of the early rulers of the states Rajasthan, Gujarat, etc. as well for the rulers of the Nizam of Hyderabad, Viceroy of British India, etc.

About interiors-

The interiors seem to be amazing because the works were done by Monica Khanna who was familiar for the interiors. As well, the decor and the interior represents the cultural style of the state through the representation of furniture, paintings, etc. Palace on wheels India had 23 coaches in the train. Around 104 tourists can travel in the same train. Each coach is called and named by the former Rajput states. The interiors just match the ancient past, and look amazing. Each coach is said to have 4 cabins, with Wifi internet and also with the amenities that turn luxurious. This train has the 2 restaurants, which are named as the Maharaja and the Maharani, with the ambience of Rajasthan style. It serves all types of traditional cuisines.  When you board palace on wheels, the tour will last for 7 days and 8 nights. Enjoy palace on wheels travel once in your lifetime.



The tour is the most important one for people who stay at various places. Everyone enjoys going to various places. Moving to a location is like a great thing that happens in every life. It brings in happiness and also fun to families, on the whole. The more you explore places, the more you enjoy it. It depends on the areas you visit, and also the comfort factor plays a role meanwhile. When you decide to go on a tour, mostly people suggest taking railways as an option. It turns out to be the cheapest as well the easiest and also the economical option to use.

Focus on tourism-

The palace on wheels is a luxurious train which is introduced by railways, mainly focusing on tourism. This was in fact launched by the railways with Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation with the focus on promotion of tourism in the state of Rajasthan. This was introduced in the year of 1982, around 36 years ago. Later which, it was relaunched by the month of August in 2009, with the different varieties of cuisine and itinerary. This train was voted as the luxurious train in the world by the year 2010.

Excellent concept-

Palace on wheels India started its initial operations on 26th January. This concept got derived from the royal background of coaches, as those were to be the personal coaches of early and former rulers of princely states of Rajputana, the Nizam of Hyderabad, etc. the interiors were designed by Monica Khanna, who did the excellent and amazing works of interiors. Everything represents the olden and ancient and also traditional as well cultural ethos of Rajasthan being seen in the paintings, furniture, etc. There are around 23 coaches, where 104 tourists can travel in the same train. Each coach has the amenities like Wifi, Internet, and also the needed amenities.

The palace on wheels travel has restaurants named as the Maharaja and the Maharani, which is the ambience of Rajasthani style, it serves the traditional cuisines where the train also has a bar. The palace on wheels tour is such a great tour which covers various places like New Delhi, Jaipur, Chittaurgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur and Agra. It turns out to be travelling for 7 days and 8 nights, and it is an ultimate amazing and lovely journey.

Luxury trains are the crown jewels of Indian Railways. The luxury trains offer the perfect opportunity to travel the country in 5-star comfort. The luxury trains in India are characterized by opulent interiors, magnificent passenger cabins, gourmet dining, spa services, bar, gym, personal attendants and many other kinds of material comfort fit for the royalty.

There are many famous India luxury train tours. The tour plan of Palace on Wheels luxury train has been described here

Tour plan of Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels is an iconic luxury train in India. It is the pioneer of luxury train tours in India. The 14 deluxe saloons, two dining cars and historical coaches resemble the royal carriages of Indian Maharajas and Viceroys. The train is decorated in authentic Rajasthani style. The tour plan is as follows.

  • The train departs from Delhi at 6:30 pm. The guests are given a royal welcome with a turban and tika on the forehead.
  • The train reaches Jaipur in the morning. The guests go for a tour of the historical city after breakfast. City Palace, Hawa Mahal and other tourist locations are explored by the guests. Lunch is served at Amer Fort. The guests return to the train by 6:00 pm. After dinner at a Heritage Hotel, the the guests settle in for the night as the train departs for next destination.
  • The train reaches Sawai Madhopur. The guest go for a tour of the Ranthambore National Park which is about 14km from Sawai Madhopur. After the tour, the guests come back to the train where lunch is served. The train moves onwards to Chittorgarh. At Chittorgarh, the guests explore the various tourist locations with the main being Chittorgarh Fort. Light and sound show is organised in the fort in the evening. The guests board the train after dinner for the onward journey to Udaipur.
  • The train reaches Udaipur by 8:00 am. The guests are served a royal breakfast in the dining cars of the train. Thereafter, the guests go for a tour of the 15th century city. There are many major locations in the city such as Jag Niwas Lake Palace, City Palace, Jagdish Temple, etc. Boat ride on Lake Pichola in the evening is also a memorable experience. Lunch is served at a heritage hotel. Dinner is served on the train after which Palace on Wheels departs for next destination.
  • Palace on Wheels reaches Jaisalmer in the morning. After breakfast, the guests start exploring the city. Main attractions are the historical havelis, Sam sand dunes and the local market. Dinner is accompanied by bonfire and a cultural performance on the sand dunes under the sky. Thereafter, the guests return to the train for onward journey.
  • Jodhpur is the next destination which the train reaches in the morning. Popular tourist attractions include Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada and the famous markets of the city. Lunch is served at a Palace hotel. At the end of the day, dinner is served on the train as the overnight journey to the next destination starts.
  • The train reaches Bharatpur by 5:00 am. The guests explore the famous bird sanctuary for about 3 hours. Thereafter, the train moves to Agra. In Agra, the guests visit Taj Mahal and other iconic places in the city. Dinner is served at a city hotel. The guests return to the train for return journey to Delhi.
  • Palace on Wheels reaches Safdarjung Railway Station in Delhi. Breakfast is served prior to checking out.

Brief intro of palace on wheels-

There are many luxurious trains in India for tourist. Palace on wheels is one of all among the trains in India. It is launched by Indian Railways to promote the Rajasthan tourism; it was started from 26 January 1982. It is also the India’s first luxury train.

Travel and tour-

To plan the India tour, you have to book the royal train before a month or two. To enjoy the Royal and Luxury train journey with palace on wheels India tour, it include all the royalty and spirituality. Moreover it covers basic needs and requirement, also cover the fare in tour package.

Palace on wheels luxury train tour includes or provides you the various facilities like

  • royal suit with personal attendant
  • meals which gives the Rajasthani taste and various cuisine
  • It provides the guides who speak English for both in train and in outing all time.

Convenient arrangement-

  • It provides the fully furnished accommodation with deluxe cabin and bathroom.

The room is decorated with paintings, handicrafts and royal antiques. Also provide modern amenities like internet facilities, hot water supply continuously.

  • A bar and the spa facility.
  • Provide meals like Indian and western cuisine.

Moreover, in breakfast it serves juice, fruits, tea or coffee. Also serves the fresh and delicious food.

Apart from that it provides the soft drinks and alcohol beverages which are charged.

Adventures and special events-

  • Palace on wheels package include the cost of jungle safari and desert safari. Here you visit National park Ranthambore and Bharatpur bird sanctuary.
  • You enjoy the camel ride on Thar Desert in jaisalmer.
  • A peaceful sunset and fork dance performance name “kaal beliya”  enjoying the bonfire along with delicious Rajasthani food.

Travel by palace on wheels you enjoy the puppet dance which narrates the Rajput tales wearing kings and queen attire.

  • You can also enjoy the local markets of jaisalmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner all include the same Rajasthani pattern like handicraft, mirror work, tie and dye, stones jewellery, silver works antiques, precious gems work antique and many more items to interior décor or dining utensils like royal imported crockery and cutlery sets.
  • You can also take the various therapy to relax your body and mind by taking Thai massage , stone therapy , an Ayurvedic spa that rejuvenate you and enjoying the Royal journey by ending with relaxation.

Rated as the most luxurious train in Asia, the Palace on Wheels Indiais sure to give you a once-in-a-lifetime royal experience.

Akin to a cruise ship on land the Palace on Wheels route takes you across a total of 3000 kilometers over 7 days. Through your journey on board this iconic train you experience various historic and architectural sights across Rajasthan, while living in opulence and grandeur aboard the train. During these 7 days on-board, the train chugs through some of the most famous forts, palaces and museums across Rajasthan, two national parks of India as well as a trip to the iconic Taj Mahal. Starting at Delhi, the cities visited during the course of the trip are Jaipur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Agra, ending the trip back in Delhi. The Palace on Wheels ticket price also includes transportation and entry to all the destinations you would be visiting on your tour.

Rajasthan is renowned for its arts and crafts. During your trip, experience many local folk songs, dances and performances, including the famous wood puppet show. The Palace on Wheels Rajasthan also covers trips to some of the iconic markets of Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner, where you can buy local handicrafts as memorabilia for your grand week aboard the Palace on Wheels train.

Each Palace on Wheels booking includes a stay in refurbished cabins belonging to the erstwhile royal families of Rajasthan, giving you a chance to walk back in time and experience true royalty and extravagance. A trip aboard Palace on Wheels train includes state-of-the-art royal interiors and furnishings, modern facilities, remarkable personalised service, delicious multi-cuisine meals on two on-board restaurants and even a cosy and lush spa. Each room is equipped with a large comfortable bed, an attached bathroom with hot running water, a coffee table and chairs, plush regal wall-to-wall carpeting, 24-hour air conditioning and high speed internet. Each room also has its own dedicated personal butler.

While on board the train, you will experience service to the standard that you have never experienced before. Your personal butler and the dedicated servers aboard the train ensure that every requirement of yours is carefully taken care of. A trip to the spa where you can choose from a variety of treatment options including Ayurvedic, Oriental, Thai and the world famous stone massage, will leave you thoroughly relaxed and pampered.

Named the best luxury train in Asia and the fourth best in the world, Palace on Wheels is a truly unique way of exploring the beauty of Rajasthan and Agra while traveling in true extravagance.

The following review will give you a detailed assessment of the Palace on Wheels Rajasthan and its attractions and services.

Pricing and Booking

The best time for taking this tour is October to March, with the perfect weather for it being February. September and April fall under the lean season for taking this tour with the service being put on hold during the peak summer months of May to August.

Palace on Wheels train ticket price that you pay to experience a dream journey is;

With the tour being completely booked months in advance it is best you plan your trip well in time and book your Palace on Wheels ticket on the Palace on Wheels official website.

What is included?

Your Palace on Wheels booking is an all-inclusive tour that caters to all your needs and requirements over the next week. A Palace on Wheels train fare covers

  • Your royal suite with your own private butler
  • All meals which area a mix for Rajasthani and international cuisine
  • Visits along with transfers to some of the most magnificent forts and palaces in Rajasthan, two National Parks, major tourist attractions in Agra including the world famous Taj Mahal. Also visited are some well-known markets full of Rajasthani handicrafts
  • English speaking guides at all times, both on the train and local ones

From the moment you show up with nothing but your luggage and embark on this magnificent journey, you are thoroughly pampered.

Accommodation and Meals

The Palace on Wheels cost covers accommodation comprising fully furnished private cabins with adjoining bathrooms and a personal butler.The room is a mix of imperial interiors with the modern amenities like full air conditioning, high speed internet, and continuous hot water. The train also has two on-board restaurants with Indian and International cuisines, a bar and spa along.

The meals served on-board are a mix of Indian and western. Breakfast usually comprises of continental options along with fresh fruits, juices, tea and coffee. Most lunches are part of the city visits while dinners are all on-board with set Indian and continental option menus. Freshly cooked and delicious, the food is part of the Palace on Wheels fare charged, with additional charges only for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.


The weeklong tour on the Palace on Wheels India covers many cities and major tourist attractions across Rajasthan and Agra.

Starting the trip in Delhi, the first night on board includes a welcome dinner with a small talk on the history of the train.

The first stop on the Palace on Wheels route is Jaipur. The day is spent visiting the city’s famous forts, palaces and museums.

The following morning is a trip to Ranthambore National Park visiting the famous Bengal tigers. That evening experience the light and sound show at the Chittorgarh fort.

On the fourth day, visit the city of lakes – Udaipur, watching a concert by the lake, followed by the City Palace and Crystal Gallery.

This is followed by a visit to Jaisalmer, with its living fort and the Gadsisar Lake. After a late lunch, head to the Sam dunes to experience a desert safari to watch a beautiful sunset, bonfire and cultural show along with dinner.

Day six is a trip to the Blue City – Jodhpur, visiting the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort and a delicious lunch within the city.

On the final day of the tour, visit the UNESCO Heritage bird sanctuary Keoladeo National Park followed by the iconic Taj Mahal at Agra. In Agra you also visit the famous Agra fort.

The tour finally ends on the eighth day back at Delhi with memories to last a lifetime.

Aboard the weeklong trip on the Palace on Wheels train you explore the majesty and grandeur of Rajasthan while staying in coaches of the erstwhile royals of India, enjoying its rich décor, lip-smacking local and international cuisine, dedicated staff and historic destination visits.

Here are a few interesting things about your Palace on Wheels booking that you must know about before embarking on this luxurious journey.

Foremost in its category

Palace on wheels, India’s first luxury train, since launching in 1982, has played a crucial part in promoting Rajasthan and India on the global map. With a Palace on Wheels booking you experience a unique means of traveling across Rajasthan and Agra.Beginning from Delhi, the train tours across Jaipur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Agra,covering magnificent Rajput and Mughal architectures in true royal style.

True heritage experience

Aboard the Palace on Wheels train you experience a royal stay similar to the Rajasthani royals of the past. Consisting of regal interiors in a traditional majestic setting with modern comforts, your time on-board the Palace on Wheels Rajasthan is sure to be an exquisite affair.

Luxurious royal stay

Living like royalty, each Palace on Wheels train fare covers a luxury suite complete with lavish interiors and its own private butler, Rajsthani and global delicacies and high-end on-board facilities to make your stay a comfortable and delightful one. Add to that the spa services available on the train with Ayurvedic, Oriental, Thai and the world famous stone therapies will leave you feeling extremely pampered.

Opulent and lavish amenities

An indulgence like no other, the Palace on Wheels ticket gives you access to your own luxury cabin, two on-board restaurants with Indian and International cuisines, a bar, an Ayurvedic spa, full air conditioning, high speed internet, and continuous hot water. During your stay dedicated staff and private butlers also cater to all your needs through the trip.

Awards and Recognition

Since its launch in 1982, the Palace on Wheels has been bestowed with a number of awards as a testament of its premier services. Within a few years of its inception this iconic train was awarded the famous PATA Gold Award in 1987. The train was also announced as the Tourist Train of the Year by the PATWA award in 2018 as well as the fourth best luxury train in the world and the best in Asia by Conde Nast survey in 2009. The Palace on Wheels has also been highly appreciated by shows on TV channels like BBC, National Geographic,Discovery Channel, ZEE TV and MTV.

On the Palace on Wheels, India’s most famous luxury train gives you the opportunity to experience true extravagance. With the long list of choices of things to do while on Palace on Wheels’ Rajasthan tour, following are those thatyou must ensure you cover on this splendid journey.

Experience luxury and opulence like the royals of the past

On the Palace on Wheels train you travel through time to an era the erstwhile royals of Rajasthan enjoyed. Covered in plush carpets, grand paintings, comfortable furniture and regal furnishings your cabin is a mix of imperial interiors with the modern amenities and comforts of today.

Visit Rajasthan’s most famous landmarks and one of the seven wonders

Your Palace on Wheels route covers the cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur and Agra, visiting Rajasthan’s most famous palaces and forts along with the world famous Taj Mahal. Palace on Wheels train fare also covers the light and sound show at the Agra Fort and the abandoned Mughal city of Fatehpur Sikri.

Unleash your adventurous side by experiencing a jungle safari

Palace on Wheels cost includes jungle safaris to see rare Bengal tigers at the Ranthambore National and bird watch for migratory birds at the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Experience the charm of a desert safari

As part of the Palace on Wheels Rajasthan tour, head out to Jaisalmer’s Sam dunes of the Thar on camelback to enjoy a peaceful sunset followed by bonfire, food and an evening completed with local folk dance performances.

Shop to your heart’s content

Palace on Wheels tour takes you to shop at the local markets of Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner which are filled with Rajasthani handicrafts of brightly coloured and embellished apparels, mirror work and decorative art pieces, puppetry, intricate jewellery of semi-precious stones, etc.

Watch a puppet dance show

The Palace on Wheels booking gives you the opportunity to enjoy puppet dance shows with wooden puppets dressed as kings and queens dancing to local folk songs narrating famous Rajput tales.

Rejuvenate by treating yourself to an Ayurvedic spa

With its warm and soothing décor and a range of treatment options including Ayurvedic, Oriental, Thai and stone therapies, a spa session is sure to unwind and invigorate you.

Dine like royals on local Rajasthani delicacies

Experience authentic Rajasthani flavours in one of the two restaurants on-board the Palace on Wheels train, being served like the royals in imported crockery and silver cutlery and with butlers taking special care of each guest.

Travelling through Palace on Wheels Train in India is an elegant tour to a bygone era. This is a moving palace that crisscrosses its path through the land of the rulers of Rajasthan. One can get the utmost luxury and care. The royal treatment here in this train is no less than that of a kingdom.

This train takes one into the discovery of vibrant culture, colour and epic beauty of Rajasthan. On a journey like, no other, as one travels through Palace on Wheels India one uncovers more and more about the heritage of a Rajasthani life

Among top 10 Luxury Train Journeys in the world, Palace on Wheels Trains India is considered to be one of them.  It is a 7-day trip that offers a heart-rending experience into the elegant forts and palaces in Rajasthan.

There was a time when the rulers of Rajasthan, nizams from Hyderabad, Kings of Gujarat and the viceroy used to travel in these trains. This train takes one back in time. Palace on Wheels Rajasthan is all about thrilling and luxurious travelling; a feeling that makes royalty feels like magic. The charm and electrifying mysticism in the air is self-sufficient for a person to have a King/queen like feeling.

This train has 39 deluxe cabins and two super deluxe cabins for the passengers where the total capacity is of 82 passengers. There are two bar cum restaurants and one spa completely Ayurvedic, in nature, in this luxurious train. Complimentary Wi-Fi is made available through sharing dongles. The train is centrally air-conditioned in which smoking is prohibited. Laundry services are also available that is limited to certain days.

The train and the journey both are quite memorable. Here, one gets fantastic services from the crew in the carriage where one gets a personalized service. The breakfast is served at the best, in the bed. The visit to various places and knowledge of the heritage and culture of Rajasthan is also mesmerizing.

While travelling through this train, one gets an option to go through many souvenir shops from where one can anticipate some shopping of ancient items that cannot be found anywhere else. These items include carpet, marbles and ancient relics that displays the beauty and culture of this land.