The Golden Chariot Express Brings An Astonishing World Of Luxurious Traveling

For the love of traveling into the lap of luxury, The Golden Chariot brings not only wildlife parks and mesmerizing cultural heritage but also some of the insider experiences of Southern India’s Epic beauty. The Golden Chariot India is an initiative by the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation. It provides a crafted traveling of southern India.

Destination Covered by the train

The Golden Chariot Luxury Train travels to a number of world heritage sites, sanctuaries, magnificent palaces and archaeological sites in the state of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Golden Chariot Express Travels for 7 nights and 8 days thereby covering a total distance of 1888 approximately. This train covers the various destinations of Bangalore, Chennai, Alleppey and Kochi.

The Elegant Features

Equipped with Benefits such as air conditioner, dedicated internet system, live television, and washroom; this train has 2 dining cars, 1 bar, 1 lounge and spa with a fitness center. One can have the pleasure to enjoy the unparalleled services of the train’s staff that provide a complimentary breakfast every morning into one personal bedroom.

The Golden Chariot India is exclusively designed with a magnificent decor that is inspired from the Hoyasala and Mysore architectural tradition. At the various locations, one can embark on an unforgettable journey through the various destinations in South India. The train has the ability to take a guest into the heart of a bygone era that is filled with elegant heritage.

The Golden Chariot train has a total number of 19 coaches where 11 coaches are reserved for guest. Each coach is named after erstwhile dynasty where each coach has something different to offer. It provides a very comfortable environment to rejoice Indian culinary dishes besides an array of international cuisines also. The Golden Chariot Train India provides a travel into the premium locations of India which is set with gym facilities, massaging rooms and recreational areas.

Dining Facility

Inspired by the Halebid and Hampi style, there are two restaurants known as Nala and Ruchi. These restaurants serve a connoisseur cuisine, into the platter of the guest that contains both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, depending upon their choices.

The Golden Chariot earmarks its importance in the tourism world as it takes a person back in time into a bygone era of the mystical, wondrous and epic culture of Southern India. This purple coloured The Golden Chariot Luxury train have a golden logo which includes a mythological animal that has the head of an element elephant and a body of a lion. This train is famous for his hospitality which brings major satisfaction to the guest.

Let’s explore the basic things that one need to know about The Golden Chariot India-

  1. The history

The Golden Chariot stepped into the world of tourism on 23rd January 2008. The train unveiled the colors of gold and purple that depicted celebration of Karnataka’s golden jubilee. The Golden Chariot India received the honor of its inauguration from Bangalore to Goa on 10th March 2008.

  1. The layout

Elegantly designed and after 900 design trial, this luxurious train came into existence. The Golden Chariot Train India is this designed to provide maximum satisfaction regarding the accommodation of the guests where it has 11 coaches containing 44 cabins. Each coach is named after the ruling dynasty in the bygone era that ruled regions like Hoyasala, Sangama, Chalukya and Vijayanagar etc. With a various restaurant, spa and gym facility this train provide ultimate entertainment to the guests.

  1. Cabins

The layout of the cabins is designed to provide the architectural aesthetics to the guests that contain the essence of South India’s elegant heritage. The Golden Chariot Train that contains 44 cabins can accommodate 88 passengers. The wall, carving on the ceiling and furniture is designed to give a glimpse of the Mysore and Hoysala architectural style. The cabins are fitted with modern facilities of television AC wardrobe and writing table effector that provide a good amount of compare to the travelers.

  1. Travel Itinerary

To view South India, without any hassle, by coming close to the royalty of South Indian dynasties, one should consider travelling through The Golden Chariot Express. This express connects a person to the culture, wildlife, and history of this part of the country. The itinerary includes stops at various national parks, ancient temples, palaces, forts and the other mind blogging destinations.