Expensive and luxurious trains in the world covering various areas

There are not many training which is focused on luxury. One such is the Maharajas Express. The Maharajas Express is the train that is full of luxury, and it is expensive also. It is owned and also operated by Indian Railway Tourism Corporation. This runs across twelve destinations North-West and… Continue Reading

The Royal Journey by train “Palace on wheels”

Brief intro of palace on wheels- There are many luxurious trains in India for tourist. Palace on wheels is one of all among the trains in India. It is launched by Indian Railways to promote the Rajasthan tourism; it was started from 26 January 1982. It is also the India’s… Continue Reading

Expensive, luxurious and interesting journey across destinations in India

There are many forms of transport available in India. Amongst, the railways turn out to be the easiest, as well economical way of transport for people to commute to different places. In India, railways is the best transport considered by people. In fact, to the surprise, there is also expensive… Continue Reading

Palace on Wheels – A Curated Luxury Experience

Rated as the most luxurious train in Asia, the Palace on Wheels Indiais sure to give you a once-in-a-lifetime royal experience. Akin to a cruise ship on land the Palace on Wheels route takes you across a total of 3000 kilometers over 7 days. Through your journey on board this… Continue Reading

Review of India’s first luxury train – Palace on Wheels

Named the best luxury train in Asia and the fourth best in the world, Palace on Wheels is a truly unique way of exploring the beauty of Rajasthan and Agra while traveling in true extravagance. The following review will give you a detailed assessment of the Palace on Wheels Rajasthan… Continue Reading

5 Fascinating facts about the Palace on Wheels

Aboard the weeklong trip on the Palace on Wheels train you explore the majesty and grandeur of Rajasthan while staying in coaches of the erstwhile royals of India, enjoying its rich décor, lip-smacking local and international cuisine, dedicated staff and historic destination visits. Here are a few interesting things about… Continue Reading

Things you must do on the Palace on Wheels tour

On the Palace on Wheels, India’s most famous luxury train gives you the opportunity to experience true extravagance. With the long list of choices of things to do while on Palace on Wheels’ Rajasthan tour, following are those thatyou must ensure you cover on this splendid journey. Experience luxury and opulence like the… Continue Reading

Guide to India’s Mahaparinirvan Express Buddhist Circuit Train

India is the birthplace of Buddhism and receives thousands of visitors annually to visit the most famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites. The Mahaprinirvan Express is a Buddhist circuit tourist train, started by the Indian Railways in 2008, as a means for people to make their pilgrimages without worrying about the hassles… Continue Reading

Tips About Palace On Wheels In India From Industry Experts

Travelling through Palace on Wheels Train in India is an elegant tour to a bygone era. This is a moving palace that crisscrosses its path through the land of the rulers of Rajasthan. One can get the utmost luxury and care. The royal treatment here in this train is no… Continue Reading

Check Out This Genius Luxury Train Journeys in India Plan

In order to quench the thirst for the bygone era that provides one with a contemporary fineness of an appealing luxurious lifestyle and seamless romantic journey Luxury Train Journeys in India welcome the guests. One could come on board to find the pleasure by and witness the vast Indian heritage.… Continue Reading