Palace on Wheels tour- Itinerary and Fare

Palace on Wheels is the perfect option for tourists wanting to explore the historical land of Rajasthan in utmost comfort. Designed like a royal carriage and equipped with all the modern amenities, Palace on Wheels is a famous luxury train in India. Tour itinerary The onboard tour Palace on Wheels… Continue Reading

Important facts regarding Palace on Wheels tour

Palace on Wheels offers the height of luxury which one can expect from the Indian Railways. A journey to the hinterland of Rajasthan in style reminiscent of the erstwhile Maharajas of India is the defining feature of Palace on Wheels tour. The royal decor of the coaches and a host… Continue Reading

Luxury train journey in India’s first luxury train

Inspired by the personal royal carriages of Maharajas of yore and the Viceregal carriage which carried the Viceroy of India through the plains of India, Palace on Wheels was designed to enable tourists to travel like royalty as they explored the historical places in the state of Rajasthan. The cabins… Continue Reading

Luxury trains in India for an enchanting travel experience

Go back to the era of royalty by travelling in luxury trains operated by Indian Railways. The luxury train tours in India enable tourists to explore the significant historical and cultural heritage sites of the vast country in style befitting the royalty which ruled India before independence. The luxury trains… Continue Reading

Incredible Indian Train Journey By “Palace on wheels”

Rajasthan is the incredible states of India, where you enjoy your journey with luxury trains Heritage Palace on wheels, the desert you feel the golden sand and city tour with experience the glory of pink city Jaipur. It is the journey for special people in the special luxury train in… Continue Reading

The Best Time To Spend With Your Family Experiencing Rajasthani Ambiance

What more people would require these days more than a vacation? People don’t need more than the timing; it’s the one where a family can unite. When families unite, nothing more is needed in the life. It can make people feel energetic and also make them enthusiastic as they can… Continue Reading

A Luxurious And An Expensive Train Covering Various Places

The tour is the most important one for people who stay at various places. Everyone enjoys going to various places. Moving to a location is like a great thing that happens in every life. It brings in happiness and also fun to families, on the whole. The more you explore… Continue Reading

Luxury Sojourn In Deccan Odyssey Train

Deccan Odyssey is a luxury train which was launched in the year 2004 as a joint venture between Indian Railways and Maharashtra Government. Deccan Odyssey has been designed to mimic the royal carriages of erstwhile Kings of India. The deccan odyssey train has 21 luxurious coaches. Of the 21 coaches,… Continue Reading

Tour plan of a luxury train in India

Luxury trains are the crown jewels of Indian Railways. The luxury trains offer the perfect opportunity to travel the country in 5-star comfort. The luxury trains in India are characterized by opulent interiors, magnificent passenger cabins, gourmet dining, spa services, bar, gym, personal attendants and many other kinds of material comfort… Continue Reading

All you wanted to know about Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey is one of the most popular luxury trains in India. Tourists wanting to tour central and southern parts of India in a grand manner prefer this luxury train for the journey. Deccan Odyssey was launched to boost the tourism industry in Maharashtra and has emerged as a major… Continue Reading